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TimeSys adds uClibc toolchains, docs

Aug 3, 2006 — by LinuxDevices Staff — from the LinuxDevices Archive

TimeSys announced that its online service for embedded Linux developers now offers the latest release of uClibc on five architectures, and that it has added new documentation on alternative C libraries, and on building reduced-footprint, flash-based Linux filesystems. Additionally, the company will offer a webinar on Busybox this month.

Additionally, TimeSys says it plans to release uClibc 0.9.29-based toolchains, when that version is released “in the near future.”

uClibc 0.9.28

uClibc version 0.9.28 appears to have been released about a year ago, after seven months of development. It is not binary-compatible with 0.9.27, so applications will have to be recompiled in order to use it.

TimeSys lists highlights of the 0.9.28 release that include:

  • 563 patches (svn 9690 through svn 11186) over a period of seven months
  • Lots of architecture upgrades
  • Security fix (svn 9998) for dynamic linking of suid apps
  • Numerous improvements to system calls and standard library functions
  • An improved dynamic linker
  • Several threading fixes and upgrades
  • Numerous build fixes
  • Lots of debugging upgrades
  • Improved documentation
  • A revamped configuration system

A full changelog has been compiled by a TimeSys engineer, and is available in the company's Developer Exchange forum, according to TimeSys. The full changelog has also been submitted to the upstream uClibc team.

More docs and webinars

Other new LinuxLink additions include:

  • Documentation
    • Alternative C Libraries, including uClibc, diet libc, and newlib
    • Making Linux Work in a Tiny Flash, by selecting various components to reduce size while retaining needed functionality

  • Webinars
    • Complementing Busybox — other open source packages that can provide extra functionality while consuming minimal resources. Thurs., Aug. 10, 10 A.M. PDT. details.


Toolchains based on uClibc 0.9.28 are currently available with LinuxLinks for the following architectures, TimsSys says:

  • IA32
  • ARMv4
  • ARMv5 (big- and little-endian, including XScale)
  • MIPS r1 (big and little endian)
  • PowerQUICC I, II, II-pro, III
  • PowerPC PPC7xx, PPC74xx, PPC40x, and PPC4xx

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