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SPECIAL REPORT: Embedded Linux Consortium releases ELC Platform Spec v1.0

Feb 21, 2003 — by LinuxDevices Staff — from the LinuxDevices Archive

[Updated Mar. 4, 2003] — The Embedded Linux Consortium (ELC) formally announced its release of the ELC Platform Specification (ELCPS) version 1.0 this week. The ELC describes its new embedded Linux standard as being “aimed at rallying the industry around a single Linux development standard for new embedded products,” and says “the specification delivers a unified open platform for embedded… operating systems.”

This is certainly a major milestone for the ELC, which was founded three years ago and which had placed a high priority on completing the ELCPS standard by the end of 2002.

To provide added perspective, brings you this Special Report which includes links to the full text of the ELC's announcement, a whitepaper about the ELCPS standard, a newly updated “frequently asked questions” document, a survey of developer reactions, and a roundup of the more interesting news stories about the announcement and its significance. Perhaps most importantly, we also offer you the opportunity to express your thoughts and feelings about the ELCPS through a special discussion thread in our forum.

  • Press release: Embedded Linux Consortium launches landmark standard — read the full text of the ELC's announcement here.
  • White paper: Introduction to the ELC's new Embedded Linux platform spec — This article by Kevin Dankwardt provides a brief explanation of the process that led to the development of the Embedded Linux Consortium Platform Specification (ELCPS) and a cursory description of its contents. Dankwardt served as a member ELC's working group that developed the ELCPS. Story
  • FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions about the ELC Platform Specification, V1.0 — This list of questions and answers from prepared by the ELC is intended to provide further background on the ELPS and its implications. Questions covered include: What is a platform?, Why a specification and why now?, How is this different from current practice?, What is the relationship if any between the ELCPS and the recently announced Sony-Matsushita embedded Linux platform?, etc. Story
  • The ELC Platform Specification Version 1.0 — from the introduction: “The purpose of this specification is to define embedded system application programming environments (or profiles) based on the Linux operating system. This is intended for embedded system implementers and embedded application software developers. Embedded systems are systems either constrained or purposely optimized for a given environment . . .” Download it here (280KB PDF file)
  • Survey says: ELC platform spec will expand use of embedded Linux — According to a “quick survey” taken during the past two weeks of visitors to's website, developers overwhelmingly believe that the Embedded Linux Consortium's recently released embedded Linux platform specification is valuable, and that it will help accelerate the growing use of Linux in embedded systems and devices. Story

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