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Open source eCos RTOS adds ST Micro ST40RA support

Aug 26, 2005 — by LinuxDevices Staff — from the LinuxDevices Archive

eCosCentric is shipping a “starter kit” aimed at helping developers evaluate the open-source eCos RTOS on STMicroelectronics's ST40RA embedded processor, using the processor vendor's evaluation board. The ST40RA processor is based on a 32-bit SuperH4 core, and integrates a 64-bit FPU, DMA, PCI interface, synchronous serial ports, timers, and real-time-clock.

ST40RA block diagram
(Click image to enlarge)

The eCosPro Starter Kit for the ST40RA includes a GNU-based compiler/debugger toolchain, graphical eCos configuration tool, and “certified” RedBoot binaries, according to eCosCentric.

The company says it also offers an upgrade to the “full eCosPro Developer's Kit” complementing the Starter Kit contents with commercial support and advice, an Eclipse-based graphical IDE and debugger, a thread-safe FAT16 filesystem optimized for removable media, and C++ runtimes (including Standard Template Library). Additionally, it offers a number of third-party components including JVM and GUI packages.

STMicroelectronics first introduced the SuperH-based ST40 processor family four years ago.

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