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GPL 3 website launches with process definition, list sign-up

Dec 1, 2005 — by LinuxDevices Staff — from the LinuxDevices Archive

The Free Software Foundation has launched a website behind its proposed third version of the GNU GPL (General Public License). The site hosts a “process definition” document explaining how comments and discussion will be handled next January, when the first draft of GPL v3.0 is released.

The GPLv3 site initially redirects visitors to one of nine landing pages (index01 through index09) that can be used to sign up for “Richard Stallman's GPLv3 e-mail updates.” Each of the landing pages offers a link to the main page, where the “process definition” document can be downloaded, just below the sign-up form.

According to a story at, the GPL, version 3, will update the venerable license — which is used by an estimated three-quarters of all open source projects — to address issues such as software patents, which have emerged since it was originally authored by Stallman (pictured above) 15 years ago.

Stallman stated, “The guiding principle for developing the GPL is to defend the freedom of all users. As we address the issues raised by the community, we will do so in terms of the four basic freedoms software users are entitled to — to study, copy, modify, and redistribute the software they use. GPLv3 will be designed to protect those freedoms under current technical and social conditions, and will address new forms of use and current global requirements for commercial and non-commercial users.”

The FSF has outlined a year-long plan for input on the GPL v3, but the FSF itself will have the final say on what goes into the new license, says. The new version is being drafted by the FSF, Stallman, and the Software Freedom Law Center, which is run by Eben Moglen (pictured at right), who serves as general counsel to the FSF.

Additional details can be found at, here.

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