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Archive for June, 2006

Nokia 770 Tablet “OS 2006” arrives

June 30, 2006

Following a beta release on June 9, Nokia has released a highly anticipated Linux operating system update for the 770 Internet Tablet. The “Tablet OS 2006” update is now available for download by 770 owners on Nokia's website. (more…)

Converged handsets becoming irresistible

June 30, 2006

Annual shipments of “converged” handsets — devices combining cellular and WiFi wireless — will exceed 132 million units by 2010, In-Stat forecasts. Carriers have been reluctant to offer WiFi-capable handsets for several reasons, but WiFi has now “spread so fast that they will not be able to resist much longer,” the analyst firm suggests. (more…)

Open source multimedia codec API supports x86, ARM

June 30, 2006

STMicroelectronics has released an open source sample implementation of OpenMAX IL, a standardized API (application programming interface) for interfacing with hardware- and software-based multimedia codecs. ST's Bellagio v0.2 OpenMAX IL sample code supports Linux on x86 and ARM platforms, according to the Khronos Group, which maintains OpenMAX. (more…)

Seven from IBM: Hacking with Git, using X10, Cell BE, Zend, Ruby, GWT…

June 30, 2006

IBM has published the following new technical articles, tutorials, and downloads on its DeveloperWorks website. They cover a range of interesting (though not necessarily embedded) technical topics, primarily related to Linux and open source system development. Some require free registration. Enjoy . . . ! (more…)

Linux phones too closed to appeal to Linux users?

June 30, 2006

“Greed and close-mindedness” prevent handset makers from understanding what users want from Linux phones, writes Eugenia Loli-Queru in an impassioned editorial at OSNews. Loli-Queru laments the mutual incompatibility of current Linux phone implementations, the incompleteness of standardization efforts, and the inability of current phones to support user-installed native Linux applications. (more…)

NEP group specifies Carrier Grade Linux needs

June 29, 2006

Right on schedule, an alliance of NEPs (network equipment providers) formed last January has published its first Carrier Grade Linux (CGL) “profile.” The SCOPE Alliance profile shows what top NEPs care about most, the group says. SCOPE earlier this year published its first ATCA profile. (more…)

Intel, AMD drop out of mobile handset chipset game

June 29, 2006

June, 2006 may go down in history as the month both Intel and AMD dropped out of the high-stakes, ultra-high-volume mobile phone chip market. Within a period of just two weeks, AMD sold off its MIPS-based Alchemy chip line, and Intel unloaded its ARM-based XScale applications and baseband processor business. (more…)

LGPL’d embedded crypto library supports TLS

June 29, 2006

A free software project to create an embedded cryptography library with Transport Layer Security (TLSv1) support has achieved its first stable release. The axTLS 1.0 library is highly configurable, and comes with a graphical build tool and https daemon. (more…)

Singapore Gelato conference seeks presenters

June 29, 2006

The Gelato Federation is seeking presenters and exhibitors for the Gelato Itanium Conference & Expo (ICE) to be held in Singapore on October 1-4. Gelato ICE is the only conference specifically dedicated to Linux on the Intel Itanium architecture, conference organizers say. (more…)

SCO hits iceberg

June 29, 2006

Two-thirds of SCO's claims against IBM have been thrown out of court, Linux Watch reports. Judge Brooke Wells cited SCO's failure to provide evidence of alleged infringements in ruling largely in favor of an IBM motion to limit SCO's claims. (more…)

Article: Intel, AMD drop out of mobile handset chipset game

June 29, 2006

June, 2006 goes down in history as the month Intel and AMD folded out of the high-stakes, ultra-high-volume mobile phone chip market. AMD sold its MIPS-based Alchemy chip line to Raza Microelectronics on June 15, and Intel sold its ARM-based XScale applications and baseband processors to Marvell two weeks later. (more…)

Fanless thin client LCD avoids biological pollution

June 28, 2006

Athena Thin Clients has introduced what it says is the first fanless, thin client terminal integrated directly into a TFT LCD monitor. The 17-inch T2117FM runs Linux, and is well-suited to critical care environments in hospitals, according to the company. (more…)

PowerPC networking SoCs gain real-time Linux support

June 28, 2006

A commercial real-time Linux variant offering separate real-time and non-real-time execution domains has added support for a family of network processors that integrate separate application and control plane processing units. FSMLabs's RTLinuxPro development kit now supports Freescale's PowerQUICC III family of SoCs (system-on-chip processors). (more…)

Convergence engine supports IP multimedia platform

June 28, 2006

Leapstone Systems has integrated its service delivery and content management software with Intel's Linux- and ATCA-based IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) framework proof-of-concept. Leapstone says the ATCA version of its “Communications Convergence Engine” (CCE) can function as a Service Capability Interaction Manager (SCIM) in “fully interoperable ecosystems.”

Leapstone says CCE helps… (more…)

Storage group proposes Eclipse project

June 28, 2006

A group comprised of 10 storage industry companies will propose an open source project to the Eclipse Foundation. The Aperi community's proposed “Aperi framework” would be based initially on code contributions from Fujitsu, IBM, and McData, and would provide an open, standards-based way to integrate storage equipment and management tools from multiple vendors, the Aperi group suggests. (more…)

Interconnect demo chip to run Linux on “post-RISC” core

June 27, 2006

On-chip interconnect specialist Silistix will create a “demonstration chip” to show off its “self-timed interconnect” generation tools. The unnamed chip will run Linux on Tensilica's Diamond Standard 232L core, and will also integrate co-processor cores and IP (intellectual property) blocks from Denali, and Sci-worx. (more…)

Datalight sheds light on NAND flash

June 27, 2006

With rising density and falling prices, NAND flash memory is finding its way into an increasing number of portable devices, including MP3 players, mobile phones, and digital cameras. Yet, NAND technology has inherent constraints that must be understood in order to use it successfully. (more…)

Ex-MontaVista VP becomes Vyatta CEO

June 27, 2006

Former MontaVista VP of Marketing Kelly Herrell has been named CEO of Vyatta, a startup building open source router and firewall software for the SMB (small-medium business) market. Herrell will work closely with Vyatta Founder Allen Leinwand, who remains as chairman, the company says. (more…)

Intel ditches mobile phone processors

June 27, 2006

Intel will sell its XScale PXAxxx applications processor and 3G baseband processor businesses to Marvell for $600 million, plus existing liabilities. The deal could make Marvell the top supplier of 3G and later smartphone processors, and enable Intel to focus on its core x86 and wireless LAN chipset businesses, the companies say. (more…)

An overview of NAND Flash memory controllers

June 27, 2006


The demand for NAND flash memory is growing at a phenomenal rate. In 2005, worldwide revenue for NAND flash rose to $10.8 billion, up 60 percent from 2004. The inclusion of NAND flash in an increasing number of MP3 players, high-end cell phones, and digital cameras has fueled expectations that NAND will overtake NOR in a number of markets. (more…)