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Archive for January, 2006

MIPS64 network processors come with Linux

January 31, 2006

Cavium Networks has expanded its line of single- and multi-core MIPS64 network processors, adding 10 SoCs (system-on-chips) priced from $20 to $125, in quantity. The CN3000- and CN3100-series chips come with a Linux SDK (software development kit), and target networking equipment with throughputs ranging from 100 Mbps to 2 Gbps. (more…)

Embedded crypto library gains FIPS 140-2 certification

January 31, 2006

Mocana reports that its embedded cryptography library has received FIPS 140-2 certification from the US Commerce Department's National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). The Mocana Crypto Library works with Mocana's Embedded Security Suite (ESS) software products, which target low-powered, small-footprint connected devices running Linux and other embedded OSes. (more…)

2005 a great year for embedded Linux, tools vendor says

January 31, 2006

Strong sales of embedded Linux tools and software stacks helped Trolltech more than double its embedded design-win base from 40 in early 2005 to 90 by year's end, it says. Additionally, 40 of its embedded design-wins are mobile phone manufacturers or developers, marking a surge in demand for Linux handsets, according to the company. (more…)

Linux-powered device servers offer graphical interfaces

January 31, 2006

Opengear is shipping a pair of Linux-based device servers said to offer secure access to a variety of devices. The dual-port SD4002 and eight-port SD4008 can securely tunnel serial, RDP, VNC, HTTP, or telnet sessions from devices with text-based, graphical, or web-based interfaces, Opengear says. (more…)

Networked embedded controller supports Linux

January 30, 2006

Advantech is shipping a new fanless embedded PC with a rich set of networking and serial interfaces. The Celeron processor-based UNO-2170 Universal Network Controller is available with a CompactFlash card preloaded with Linux, according to the company. (more…)

Die-shrunk 3D telematics chip runs Linux at 600 MHz

January 30, 2006

Renesas plans in May to sample a SuperH-based SoC (system-on-chip) that will clock to 600MHz. The fastest SuperH processor ever, the SH7785 will integrate an SH-4A superscalar CPU core, FPU (floating point unit), LCD controller, and PCI interface. It targets car infotainment devices with 3D displays, and other multimedia applications. (more…)

Rumor of 3G Linux phone/GPS reportedly false

January 30, 2006

[Updated Jan. 31, 2006] — Benq's GPS-equipped SXG75 mobile phone reportedly does not run Linux, contrary to our news item published yesterday. Despite widespread rumors, the 3G UMTS mobile phone runs neither Linux nor Trolltech's phone software stack, Trolltech said today. (more…)

Octal UART cranks out 8 Mbps

January 30, 2006

Exar has added an eight-channel, 8 Mbps octal UART to its serial communications chip line. The XR16V798 ups the ante on serial data communications speeds in embedded and industrial applications such as remote access servers, network management, factory automation, and point-of-sale systems, according to the company. (more…)

DSP-enhanced MIPS cores gain embedded Linux support

January 30, 2006

TimeSys has enhanced its embedded Linux developer services, adding support for a MIPS Technologies 32-bit RISC core with built-in DSP (digital signal processor) capabilities. LinuxLink for 24KE cores is available now, and has already been used by MIPS to create Linux distributions to be bundled with its “Malta” development boards that will ship in March, TimeSys says. (more…)

Alcatel telecom transitions soft-switches to Linux

January 30, 2006

Virtualization software specialist Jaluna has announced its first major design win in the network equipment provider (NEP) market. The company says Alcatel deployed an x86 version of OSWare in a line of Linux- and legacy OS-based soft-switches that began shipping two months ago. (more…)

First 90nm ARM9 SoC features VFPU, USB OTG

January 30, 2006

Royal Philips Electronics will sample in March a highly integarted, low-power system-on-chip (SoC) processor claimed to be the first ARM9 microntroller manufactured on 90-nm process technology. The LPC3180, which runs Linux and supports an “ultra-low-power” 0.9V mode, targets POS (point-of-sales), GPS, robotics, and medical/industrial devices. (more…)

Tiny FPGAs boast Linux support

January 27, 2006

QuickLogic is shipping a family of FPGAs (field-programmable gate arrays) in 8×8 mm packages suitable for handheld gadgets such as mobile phones, portable media players, and GPS devices. The Eclipse II FPGAs are supported with Linux drivers for IP (intellectual property) functions such as IDE, PCI, and SDIO interfaces,… (more…)

11 from IBM: Linux memory model, XHTML, AJAX, GNURadio, Eclipse…

January 27, 2006

IBM has published the following new technical articles, tutorials, and downloads on its DeveloperWorks website. They cover a range of interesting (though not necessarily embedded) technical topics, primarily related to Linux and open source system development. Some require free registration. Enjoy . . . ! (more…)

Vendors of Linux-based KVM, console servers merge

January 27, 2006

A vendor of embedded Linux-based KVM servers (keyboard, video, mouse servers) has agreed to acquire a vendor of embedded Linux-based console servers. Avocent says its $90 million acquisition of Cyclades will allow it to diversify its product offerings, while taking advantage of Linux's rapid growth in the enterprise server… (more…)

Java, .NET object database syncs with enterprise RDBMSs

January 27, 2006

Db4objects has added a replication product to its dual-licensed portfolio of object database technology available under both a commercial license and the GNU GPL. The “db4o Replication System” (dRS) lets developers create applications capable of synchronizing Java or .NET objects bi-directionally with Oracle, MySQL, and other enterprise RDBMSs (relational database management systems), the… (more…)

90nm ARM11 runs 750MHz at under 500mW

January 26, 2006

ARM Ltd. is shipping “physical IP” for a synthesizable ARM11 core implemented in 90nm process technology that it expects to clock above 750MHz, while drawing less than 500mW of power and occupying just 2.4 square millimeters of die space. The “high speed” ARM1176JZF-S processor runs standard ARM Linux, and targets consumer and wireless devices such as digital TVs, set-top-boxes, games consoles, and mobile… (more…)

IBM embedded speech technologies evolve

January 26, 2006

[Updated 4:00 PM PST] — IBM last week updated its speech recognition technology, adding features aimed at allowing commands to have a more flexible syntax. Embedded ViaVoice 4.4 is available for Linux, and is commonly used in a variety of embedded systems, such as in-car “infotainment” devices. (more…)

Teeny power supply cranks out 120 Watts

January 26, 2006 is shipping a tiny power supply targeting small form-factor PCs and embedded computers. At just 31 x 45 x 20mm, the picoPSU power supply is roughly the size of two AA batteries. Typical applications include mini PCs, smart appliances, and robots, according to the company. (more…)

Torvalds nixes GPL 3 for Linux kernel

January 26, 2006

In a message to the Linux Kernel Mailing List (LKML) on January 25th, Linus Torvalds made it as plain as day that the Linux operating system is going to stay under GPL (General Public License) 2 and not migrate to GPL 3. (more…)

Real-time Linux gains ARINC 653 scheduler

January 25, 2006

FSMLabs says its real-time Linux operating system now supports ARINC 653 scheduling, which it describes as a “fully protected and partitioned scheduling environment” targeting avionics control and hardware-in-loop simulation. ARINC 653 support is available through an add-on component for the company's RTLinuxPro development kit. (more…)