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Archive for September, 2005

Embedded Linux box fits into CD drive bay

September 30, 2005

Team ASA is shipping an XScale-based Linux system designed to fit in a CD drive bay. The NPWR-SCE is based on an Intel storage processor, sports dual gigabit-Ethernet ports and a removable SATA hard drive, and targets military and EMS vehicles, NAS, iSCSI controllers, web servers, and “embedded Linux engines,” the… (more…)

Via teams on Linux car PC kit

September 30, 2005

Chip and boardmaker Via has partnered with an online retailer to create a car PC targeting in-car navigation and infotainment applications. The $300 “Voom PC” is supported by a media-oriented embedded Linux operating system, and is based on one of Via's newest, most powerful mini-ITX motherboards. (more…)

Linux gains lossless filesystem

September 30, 2005

An R&D affiliate of the world's largest telephone company has achieved a stable release of a new Linux filesystem said to improve reliability over conventional Linux filesystems, and offer performance advantages over Solaris's UFS filesystem. NILFS 1.0 (new implementation of a log-structured filesystem) is available now from NTT Labs (Nippon Telegraph and Telephone's Cyber Space Laboratories). (more…)

MIT geniuses dream up $100 Linux laptop

September 29, 2005

Up to 15 million WiFi-enabled laptop computers running Linux and powered by wind-up dynamos could be distributed to school children in China, Brazil, Egypt, South Africa, and Thailand by an idealistic project that originated within MIT's Media Lab, according to PC Magazine. (more…)

DIY mobile device location awareness

September 29, 2005 has published a whitepaper introducing an open source toolkit that lets mobile devices determine their locations with the aid of freely accessible, nearby radio sources, such as fixed Bluetooth devices, 802.11 access points, and GSM cell towers. Basically, the device reads the IDs of these local “radio beacons” (each of which has a unique or semi-unique ID), looks up their… (more…)

App-specific uClinux dev kits target tiny ARM SBCs

September 29, 2005

Digi International is shipping three ARM-based embedded CPU modules available with a variety of application-specific uClinux-based development kits. The ConnectCore 7U, ConnectCore 9P 9360, and ConnectCore 9P 9750 target access control systems, POS (point-of-sales/service), RFID readers, medical devices,… (more…)

PC/104 SBC does data acquisition, runs Linux

September 29, 2005

Diamond Systems is shipping an extended temperature range PC/104 SBC (single-board computer) optionally available with built-in data acquisition circuitry. The “Elektra” is powered by a passively cooled “686-class” STMicroelectronics STPC processor that is clocked at 200MHz, consumes just 5.5 Watts, and runs Linux,… (more…)

Carriers missing mobile music boat

September 29, 2005

US mobile phone customers would rather play music than games on their handhelds, yet gaming-derived revenues will remain higher until an ecosystem for widespread music distribution develops, says In-Stat. Delays could cause carriers to miss a rich revenue opportunity, the research firm says. (more…)

SIP-based FMC stack supports dual-mode Linux mobile phones

September 29, 2005

Persona Software plans to ship in mid-November the second edition of its “fixed-mobile convergence” (FMC) suite, which lets dual-mode phone users roam between cellular and WiFi networks. Personal OnePhone 2.0 adds support for Linux, Symbian, and Windows Mobile 5.0 phones, along with security and regulatory compliance features. (more…)

Mini-ITX SBC targets high-volume embedded apps

September 28, 2005

Kontron is sampling a mini-ITX board that supports Linux and targets cost-constrained, high-volume applications such as gaming, POS (point-of-sales/service), data communications, and medical equipment. (more…)

uClinux VoD stack targets STBs based on Sigma SoCs

September 28, 2005

EzHomeTech is shipping a uClinux operating system and VoD (video-on-demand) software stack for STBs (set-top boxes) based on a Sigma Designs digital media processor SoC (system-on-chip). The EZV 2.0 stack for Sigma's EM862x supports HTTP and ASF streams of files encoded in common formats, including Microsoft formats, the company says. (more…)

Linux, microcode speed PowerQUICC IP routing, NAT by 10x

September 28, 2005

Arabella is shipping microcode for Freescale NPUs (network processing units) that it claims speeds IP routing and NAT (network address translation) by a factor of ten, when used with its asymmetrical multiprocessing (AMP) Linux implementation. Expedited Fast Path (EFP) microcode supports PowerQUICC II chips and older NPUs with CPMs (communications processor modules). (more…)

Home media NAS server reference design runs Linux

September 28, 2005

Mediabolic and Broadcom will ship in October a Linux-based hardware/software reference design for an embedded home media NAS (network-attached storage) server. The design uses Broadcom's MIPS32-based “NASoC” (network-attached storage-on-chip), along with Mediabolic's Media Server software stack for… (more…)

eCos gains commercial USB stacks

September 27, 2005

eCosCentric has certified ports of Jungo's USB stacks to its small-footprint, open source embedded OS. The Jungo Embedded USB Software Stacks for eCos include OTG (on-the-go), host, and device stack implementations said to comply with USB 1.1 and 2 standards. (more…)

Mini-ITX mobo boasts PCI Express x16 slot

September 27, 2005

Taiwanese board vendor Arbor Technology claims it is first to ship a mini-ITX motherboard graced with a PCI Express x16 slot. The ITX-i7435 supports several Socket 478 Pentium M/Celeron M processors, and targets multimedia, gaming, and other applications requiring high-quality graphics performance. (more…)

Linux rides on telematics platform

September 27, 2005

Parvus has announced a modular on-vehicle platform for data acquisition, video surveillance, networking, Internet access, GPS tracking, and video surveillance. Dubbed “Mobile Information Infrastructure” (M2i), the platform supports embedded Linux, among other OSes, and targets mass transit and other mobile… (more…)

Electronic paper development kit runs Linux

September 27, 2005

E Ink is preparing a Linux-based electronic paper development kit. The AM-100 EPD kit includes a 170dpi, 6-inch (diagonal) SVGA (800 x 600) “EPD” (electronic paper display) module supporting four shades of gray. (more…)

Linux ported to secure POS SoC

September 27, 2005

A French fabless chip house has ported Linux to its flagship SoC (system-on-chip) for secure smartcard readers and PIN-entry pads used in point-of-sale (POS) applications. Innova-Card's MIPS32-based USIP Professional IC features on-chip memory, storage, and cypto, and is available with a Linux-based software… (more…)

MySQL 5.0 release candidate ships

September 26, 2005

MySQL AB is distributing the first release candidate of what it calls “certainly the most important release in MySQL's history.” MySQL 5.0 features many new ANSI SQL-compliant features, rewrites to bring previous functionality into ANSI SQL compliance, and several new storage engines, tools, and extensions. (more…)

Security software, hardware vendors eyeing device market

September 26, 2005

Increasingly smart, well-connected devices pose growing security threats, according to an in-depth editorial at CIO Insight. Author Evan Schuman notes that McAfee has launched an anti-virus product aimed at POS (point-of-sales/service) devices, and that any Internet-connected device — including printers, smartphones, and VoIP phones — represents a potential security threat. (more…)