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Archive for October, 2003

Creating a “Universal Communicator” prototype

October 31, 2003

An article at DeviceForge discusses a solution to the growing complexity of wireless personal area network (WPAN) technology: a device capable of communicating regardless of the type which WPAN connection options are present. Intel is currently prototyping such a device, according to the article. (more…)

Embedded Linux to power first petaflop supercomputer

October 31, 2003

An article at ZDNet provides an update on IBM's “Blue Gene” project, an attempt to create the world's first petaflop-level supercomputer (one quadrillion calculations per second) using some 64,000-plus embedded processors. For now, the super-computer is being simulated on a giant Linux cluster. (more…)

Happy 4th birthday,!

October 31, 2003

October 31, 2003 is's 4th birthday. The site was founded on Halloween, 1999. Here are some key milestones in the history of . . .

SPECIAL REPORT: Trolltech aims Linux/Qtopia at mobile phone market

October 31, 2003

Like The Little Engine That Could, tiny Oslo-based Trolltech today unveiled a Linux-based challenge to Symbian's and Microsoft's domination of the rapidly… (more…)

Motorola selects Qt/Embedded for the A760 Linux smartphone

October 31, 2003

Trolltech has announced that Motorola's much anticipated A760 smartphone will be based on Trolltech's Qt/Embedded application development framework. (more…)

Embedded webserver gains small footprint SSL support

October 30, 2003

The world's most popular embedded webserver has gained something developers have long wished for: support for a first-rate SSL library designed specifically for embedded use. This means that devices needing to serve secure, encrypted web pages can now do so without the addition of significant system resources. (more…)

Runtime patching for high availability with carrier-grade Linux

October 30, 2003

An article at RTC Magazine by John Mehaffey of MontaVista discusses runtime application patching, a method of modifying running applications on systems that can not be restarted due to availability requirements. The technique can be used to upgrade software, fix bugs, or even to temporarily add debugging routines. (more…)

Consumer electronics Linux seen as threat to Microsoft

October 29, 2003

An article at Tech News World takes a bullish view of embedded Linux in consumer electronics (CE) compared with the outlook for Microsoft operating systems in the same space. (more…)

2W ARM9-based mini-ITX board comes with Debian Linux

October 29, 2003

Simtec Electronics has launched a mini-ITX based evaluation board that, in the highest specification of several available configurations, draws just 2 watts. The Simtec Samsung 2410 evaluation board is based on a Samsung S3C2410 ARM9 processor and is supplied with a Linux kernel, Debian cross-development environment,… (more…)

NEC to develop ARM-based multiprocessing CPU cores

October 28, 2003

NEC Electronics Corp. and ARM Ltd. are teaming up to develop and market a “next-generation” multiprocessor CPU core based on symmetric multi-processor (SMP) technology. The companies say the collaboration will leverage the broad range of existing software for the ARM processor core family, along with NEC's multiprocessing technology. (more…)

Linux powers secure PIN entry pad for credit cards

October 28, 2003

Payment infrastructure and transaction management specialist Trintech Group Plc reports that its embedded Linux based PIN Entry Device (PED) has been certified by VISA as a secure PED. (more…)

MMI starter kit gains embedded Linux support

October 28, 2003

Display and interface specialist Ultratronik has added Linux tool chain support to its Ultratronic Man-Machine-Interface (MMI) Concept, and now includes an embedded Linux operating system with its MMI Starter Kit, which it claims can enable fast implementations of operator terminals based on CompactFlash and I2C-Bus technology. (more…)

Industrial automation gizmo features dual Linux kernels

October 28, 2003

Quest's Automation Network X-Change (AN-X) family of embedded Linux devices attaches PCs and other devices to various kinds of automation networks. Our “Device Profile” includes a description and photos of the embedded computer hardware and also spotlights the developer's interesting dual-kernel design and candid comments about… (more…)

IDC: worldwide PDA sales to decline this year

October 28, 2003

The worldwide market for handheld devices grew in the third quarter of 2003, but overall sales for 2003 are likely to end up lower than 2002, according to market analyst IDC. The news comes as part of IDC's “Worldwide Handheld QView” quarterly report released this week. (more…)

Linux ported to FPGA design and verification board

October 27, 2003

Semiconductor distributor The Memec Group and embedded Linux and eCos consulting firm Mind have collaborated on a port of Linux and RedBoot to Memec's Virtex-II Pro Development Board. The board is used to design and verify applications based on the Xilinx Virtex-II Pro Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) family. (more…)

Torvalds: Last call for input on Linux kernel 2.6

October 27, 2003

Yesterday's release of Linux kernel 2.6.0-test9 offers the “last big chance” for input on the next stable Linux kernel, according to Linux originator Linus Torvalds as quoted in a press release from the Open Source Development Labs (OSDL). This suggests that Torvalds will produce just one more test release — 2.6.0-test10 — which, if no show-stoppers emerge, he will likely rename as 2.6.0 and turn over to… (more…)

Crypto solution for Linux devices claimed to be faster, cheaper

October 27, 2003

Security processor vendor Cavium Networks and embedded Linux supplier MontaVista Software announced a hardware/software duo they claim offers two- to three-times faster IPsec VPN performance (up to 150Mbps) on Intel IXP4XX network processors compared to existing solutions at similar… (more…)

ARM embraces CELF

October 27, 2003

Low-power processor core specialist ARM today announced its associate membership in the Consumer Electronics Linux Forum (CELF), a group started in June to improve and promote Linux for use in consumer electronics. (more…)

Device profile: Automation Network X-change

October 27, 2003

The Automation Network X-change (AN-X) family of embedded Linux based devices from Quest Technical Solutions connects PCs to automation networks for remote monitoring and control. Its PC interface supports several protocols that run over a standard Ethernet transport, while various versions of the device are available to support a variety of industrial networks. (more…)

How to build deb packages for Debian GNU/Linux

October 24, 2003

Debian ranks as the fourth most-used distribution for embedded development, according to's annual Embedded Linux Market Survey, with a rising rate of adoption. Developers wishing to distribute software binaries and source for use with Debian systems will want to learn the basics of creating Debian packages (.deb's). (more…)