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Archive for July, 2003

OSDL position paper challenges SCO’s anti-Linux threats

July 31, 2003

The Open Source Development Lab (OSDL) has released a position paper “raising serious questions” about SCO Group's threatened litigation against end users of Linux. The paper, which casts doubt on SCO's position, was authored by one of the world's leading legal experts on copyright law as applied to software, Professor Eben Moglen of Columbia University, according to OSDL. (more…)

Reflections on the EMF embedded Windows vs. embedded Linux report

July 31, 2003

In this editorial, founder Rick Lehrbaum offers his “reflections” on the recently published (Microsoft-funded) Embedded Market Forecasters (EMF) report which claims embedded development projects based on Microsoft's “Windows Embedded” operating system platforms (specifically, Windows CE .NET and Windows XP Embedded) are completed 43% faster and at 68% lower cost, on average, compared with… (more…)

LynuxWorks challenges findings of EMF embedded Windows vs. embedded Linux report

July 31, 2003


Earlier this month, Embedded Market Forecasters issued a Microsoft-funded research report that claimed development projects using Microsoft Windows embedded operating system (OS) platforms, namely Windows CE .NET and Windows XP Embedded, were completed 43 percent faster and at an average 68 percent lower cost when compared to similar projects using an embedded Linux OS. (more…)

Watch out, the Centibots are invading LinuxWorld

July 30, 2003

[Updated Jul. 31, 2003] — Via Technologies will demonstrate Linux-based robots developed by SRI International at next week's LinuxWorld conference in San Francisco. At 3 pm on Wednesday, August 6, the “Centibots” will conduct a search and rescue mission for a hidden penguin doll during a special event in the LinuxWorld “Taste of… (more…)

IBM to deliver world’s most powerful Linux supercomputer

July 30, 2003

IBM announced plans to deliver what it calls “the world's most powerful Linux supercomputer” to Japan's largest national research organization. The system will be used as part of a massive, distributed computing Grid to support various research including life sciences and nanotechnology, IBM said. (more…)

Metrowerks CTO elected to ELC BOD

July 30, 2003

The Embedded Linux Consortium (ELC) announced that Metrowerks chief technology officer (CTO) Berardino Baratta has been elected to the ELC's board of directors. In this leadership position, Baratta, who is also Vice President of Metrowerks' Linux Solutions Group, plans to help the ELC's effort toward “an open and unified standard for embedded Linux distributions,” the ELC said. (more…)

Consortium forms to standardize mobile application processors

July 29, 2003

A new industry consortium launched today has the goal of defining and promoting open hardware and software standards for interfaces to mobile application processors. The group, known as the Mobile Industry Processor Interface Alliance, or “MIPI”, was co-announced by founding members ARM, Nokia, STMicroelectronics (ST), and Texas Instruments (TI). (more…)

SIM-based WLAN authentication for open platforms

July 29, 2003

Using SIM for WLAN authentication may have many advantages, but security threats must also be carefully considered. This article by four members of Intel's “Emerging Platforms Lab” provides a brief overview of the authentication process in a GSM network, and then describes a possible method of WLAN authentication using SIM cards. (more…)

Carrier Grade Linux assists Euro air traffic control

July 29, 2003

C.N.S. Systems AB (Linkoping, Sweden) announced that it has used MontaVista Linux Carrier Grade Edition as the operating system platform within the ground station portion of a new air traffic control system in Europe. According to C.N.S., the integrated system of ground and mobile units uses the VDL Mode 4 digital radio link, a new standard for air traffic control in Europe, to provide surveillance,… (more…)

First impressions of the English-adapted Sharp Zaurus SL-C750

July 29, 2003

We've located a short but interesting “first impression” review of the English-adapted Sharp Zaurus SL-C750 Linux PDA from Dynamism, at (more…)

TimeSys spotlights surge in embedded Linux growth

July 29, 2003

TimeSys announced today that its revenues and design wins for the second quarter of 2003 increased approximately 130% over the prior quarter, expanding on the momentum the company has experienced since the middle of 2002. (more…)

Article: SIM-based WLAN authentication for open platforms

July 29, 2003

Overview: Extending SIM Authentication to WLAN

Worldwide, traditional cellular operators are investigating how to integrate wireless local area networks (WLANs) into their service offerings and business models. Currently, GSM (global system for mobile communications) operators provide subscriber identity modules (SIMs) for each subscriber on their network. (more…)

Khronos releases OpenML cross platform media library SDK

July 28, 2003

The Khronos Group announced the alpha release of the Software Development Kit (SDK) for OpenML 1.0, a cross-platform programming environment for capturing, processing, synchronizing and playing digital media content. The SDK alpha release, for both the Windows and Linux platforms, delivers the media library (“ML”) component of the specification, providing a low level API for configuring and controlling… (more…)

Khronos releases OpenGL ES embedded graphics standard v1.0

July 28, 2003

The Khronos Group announced today that it has ratified the OpenGL ES 1.0 royalty-free open standard for advanced 2D and 3D graphics in embedded systems including mobile and handheld devices, and that the API specification is now available for free download. OpenGL ES defines subset profiles of OpenGL; OpenGL and OpenGL ES are royalty-free, open standard APIs that enable authoring and playback of dynamic… (more…)

Embedded Systems Conference 2004 issues call for papers

July 28, 2003

The Embedded Systems Conference, being held March 29 through April 2, 2004 in San Francisco, has issued a call for papers. Interested participants are invited to send abstracts or draft papers by Aug. 8, 2003 on one or more topics from the list below. (more…)

VDC report: embedded database market highly fragmented

July 28, 2003

The database market for embedded systems and devices is highly fragmented, according to Market research firm Venture Development Corp. (VDC). DBMS vendors lack recognition, brand awareness, and domain experience in the embedded systems market, in addition to resources to market directly to embedded systems developers, VDC says. (more…)

Sun shines on OpenGL ES

July 28, 2003

The Khronos Group announced today that Sun Microsystems has joined the group as a Promoting Member to encourage the development and adoption of OpenGL ES as an important open standard for graphics hardware acceleration in mobile devices. Sun said it will work with the Khronos Group to enable OpenGL ES to support the graphics requirements of the Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition graphical APIs. (more…)

Single-kernel Linux RTOS supports IBM PowerPC 440GP, 440GX

July 28, 2003

TimeSys Corp. announced an agreement with IBM to deliver TimeSys Linux RTOS and associated Linux- and Windows-hosted development tools for IBM's PowerPC 440 family of system-on-chip embedded processors. Additionally, TimeSys said its single-kernel Linux real-time operating system (RTOS) has received IBM's “Ready for IBM Technology” (RFIT) designation, signifying that TimeSys Linux has been validated to… (more…)

Building a Linux-based wireless access point

July 25, 2003

This online article at IBM's developerWorks website explains how to build a basic wireless access point running Linux. The article shows how to build an access point that operates as a bridge — simply forwarding packets between the wireless network and a local Ethernet. This allows wireless devices to simply be turned on and attached using an existing network — no new configuration, no special routing. (more…)

Open Group mulls open source, solicits comments

July 24, 2003

A request to the community from Bruce Perens . . .

The Open Group used to be known as the industry association for Unix. They haven't always had the best name in the Open Source community, mostly because community folks didn't like their handling of the Motif GUI toolkit, which stayed proprietary for too long. (more…)