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Archive for January, 2003

TimeSys releases free beta of Eclipse-based IDE with Linux SDK

January 31, 2003

(PR excerpt) — TimeSys Corp. announced beta availability of its first integrated development environment (IDE) for embedded software development powered by Eclipse technology, an open-source universal platform for tools integration. (more…)

Introducing the Equinox ESP-2 MI — a 2-port serial-to-LAN adapter

January 31, 2003 takes a look at the Equinox ESP-2 MI, a 2-port serial-to-LAN adapter based on an embedded Motorola Coldfire microprocessor running uClinux. This 'device profile' briefly covers the functions of the device, its internal hardware and software, and why Linux was selected as its embedded operating system . (more…)

Device profile: Equinox ESP-2 MI — a 2-port serial-to-LAN adapter

January 31, 2003

The Equinox ESP-2 MI is a compact, 2-port serial hub that offers IP-based LAN connectivity to systems and devices which have serial ports, but lack direct network interfaces. Equinox expects the device, which uses embedded Linux as its internal operating system, to be popular in industrial/manufacturing environments, which are increasingly migrating away from proprietary “fieldbus” interfaces, toward… (more…)

Linux powers new distributed data acquisition/control device

January 30, 2003

SIXNET has announced the latest member of its SixTRAK IPm Open Controller family: the SixTRAK IPm Open DCS Controller, a small device used for process control, 'supervisory control and data acquisition' (SCADA), and 'distributed control system' (DCS) applications. The device is said to offer powerful communications and advanced programming capabilities, thanks to its built-in PowerPC processor and… (more…)

More Linux fun with Microsoft’s Xbox: building a Linux cluster

January 30, 2003

Adam Cecchetti was walking back from class, thinking to himself that he hadn't done much in the way of parallel computing lately. So he decided it would be an interesting idea to test the usefulness of the Xbox platform as a cluster node, as the Xbox Linux project suggests. At the same time, he had heard that a lot of individuals were using the Xbox as a Linux desktop to check email and browse the web,… (more…)

An introduction to the Reiserfs journaling filesystem

January 30, 2003

John Gowin explains the difference between the Reiserfs and other Linux filesystems, in this relatively nontechnical article which is part of a series of articles on Linux filesystems at Linux Orbit Pro. Gowin writes . . . (more…)

New IDE integrates Visual SlickEdit and GNU X-Tools

January 30, 2003

(PR excerpt) — Microcross Inc. announced Visual X-Tools version 1.0, a low cost, high powered, feature-rich Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for embedded systems developers. (more…)

Introduction to User-Mode Linux

January 30, 2003

Do your killer apps spend too much time killing each other? Ever wish you had a place to let your Linux applications run wild — where they wouldn't hurt anything else? Originally conceived as a kernel developer's tool, User-Mode Linux (UML) lets you set up multiple virtual machines that are isolated from each other and from the hardware. (more…)

Atheros claims early lead in multimode Wi-Fi chip race

January 30, 2003

Atheros Communications announced today that its multi-mode (2.4 and 5 GHz) WLAN chipsets are being built into new notebooks from four of the world's top five PC vendors — HP, IBM, NEC, and Toshiba. (more…)

Enabling the Whuffie Economy

January 29, 2003

In “Enabling the Whuffie Economy”, Howard Rheingold writes about Affero's “reputation software,” which combines a peer based reputation system with a commerce system, enabling individuals to rate other individuals or projects and make payments on their behalf (with obvious applicability to open source projects) . (more…)

Linux APIs planned for “Trusted Computing Platform”

January 29, 2003

InfoWorld reports that Linux-based APIs are in the works for the Trusted Computing Platform Alliance's (TCPA'S) security initiative, which includes specialized hardware for secure communications. The information was disclosed by an Infineon Technologies official at the Platform Conference in San Jose, CA earlier this week. (more…)

GnomeMeeting version 0.96 is released

January 29, 2003

From the website . . .

We are delighted to announce the latest release, version 0.96, with additional IP Telephony capabilities. Now, GnomeMeeting users can place low cost PC-to-Phone calls anywhere in the world using Quicknet's MicroTelco Internet Telephone Service (see the FAQ for more detailed information). (more…)

Peeking under the hood of SnapGear’s uClinux-powered VPN appliances

January 29, 2003 technical editor Jerry Epplin takes a look at SnapGear's award-winning uClinux-based VPN appliances from the perspective of a developer's ability to customize them — and in the process, becomes a uClinux convert. Epplin writes . . . (more…)

Movial’s wireless comm software to support MontaVista’s embedded Linux

January 29, 2003

MontaVista Software and Movial announced a collaboration to enable wireless communication applications for manufacturers of Linux-based consumer devices such as PDAs, smartphones, automotive telematics, set-top boxes, and digital TVs. The combined technologies will support mobile apps such as Instant Messaging, and upcoming MMS, VoIP, and multimedia. (more…)

Article: Peeking under the hood of SnapGear’s uClinux-powered VPN appliances

January 29, 2003 technical editor Jerry Epplin takes a look at SnapGear's award-winning uClinux-based VPN appliances from the perspective of a developer's ability to customize them — and in the process, becomes a uClinux convert . . . (more…)

KDE project releases KDE 3.1

January 28, 2003

The KDE Project has released KDE 3.1, the popular open source Linux desktop and windowing environment. KDE includes a basic desktop, an integrated development environment, and seventeen other packages (PIM, administration, network, edutainment, utilities, multimedia, games, artwork, web development, and more), and supports 47 languages. (more…)

Whitepaper: The Compelling Case for Open Source Embedded Tools

January 28, 2003

This whitepaper presents a case that open source GNU tools are mature, reliable, and ready for wide-scale adoption in the embedded market, and that they represent an excellent means to the avoid risks and problems of software tools obsolescence, vendor lock-in, and vanishing sources which often plague complex, long lifecycle, embedded projects. (more…)

Override the GNU C library — painlessly

January 28, 2003

What do you do if you don't have the source for your application and it's failing because a GNU Library for C (glibc) function is returning something bad to the application? Because glibc is open-source, you can of course get the source code, make your changes, rebuild, and install. (more…)

19,383 attended LinuxWorld New York

January 28, 2003

(PR excerpt) — 19,383 members of the Open Source community gathered in New York last week to learn about the latest Open Source trends, network with peers and test-drive the newest products. LinuxWorld Conference & Expo, the premier event exclusively focused on Linux and Open Source technologies, took place at New York City's Javits Center January 21-24, 2003. (more…)

Preview of Embedded Systems Conference, San Francisco

January 28, 2003

(PR excerpt) — The 15th annual Embedded Systems Conference (ESC) San Francisco will be held in the Moscone Convention Center, April 22-26. 11,000+ attendees and 300+ eExhibitors are expected to turn out for the annual mega embedded systems conference. (more…)