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Archive for August, 2002

Connected devices sound alarm for embedded security []

August 30, 2002

Writing at, Bill Weinberg (of MontaVista Software) discusses the growing emphasis on security in embedded systems following the events of September 11, 2001, and the emerging acknowledgement of the benefits of Linux and open source software by governmental agencies and other security-oriented concerns . . . (more…)

Apple invites open source to Rendezvous [ZDNet]

August 30, 2002

ZDNet reports that Apple Computer plans to release it's 'Rendezvous' technology under open source in September. The technique allows 'networked devices to automatically find each other' and Apple hopes that moving the technology to Open Source will propel Rendezvous into more consumer devices. Ian Fried writes . . . (more…)

Memory Leak Detection in Embedded Systems [ELJonline]

August 30, 2002

In this Linux Journal published at ELJonline, Cal Erickson spotlights memory leak detection and discusses three easy-to-use tools that find most application program errors — mtrace, dmalloc, and memwatch. Erickson writes . . . (more…)

Sharp’s e-Book Viewer to run on Linux (and Zaurus) [JCNN]

August 30, 2002

Writing at Japan Corporate News Network, Bruce Porter reports that Sharp has announced that its proprietary e-book viewer for PDAs will run on Linux, and will be available after September 10, 2002 for free download on Space Town, the company's website. Porter writes . . . (more…)

Adding security to speed: safeguarding the RTOS [Military and Aerospace]

August 30, 2002

In this article at Military & Aerospace Electronics, senior editor John McHale examines the role of memory protection in real-time operating systems, how that impacts security, and the growing role of Linux and open source software. McHale writes . . . (more…)

Red Hat and SnapGear to collaborate on embedded solutions

August 30, 2002

Salt Lake City, UT — (press release excerpt) — SnapGear Inc. announced that the company is collaborating with Red Hat, Inc. to offer customers complete hardware and software embedded solutions that bring together the stability of embedded Linux with experienced hardware design, manufacturing, and fulfillment. (more…)

SBE announces Embedded Linux support for ‘carrier class’ platform

August 29, 2002

San Ramon, CA — (press release excerpt) — SBE Inc. today announced the immediate availability of its HighWire 400p/M DKL, a hardware/software developers kit for embedded Linux applications. The HW400p/M DKL combines SBE's HW400p/M PCI core processor with a complete TimeSys embedded Linux software developers kit including the enhanced TimeSys GPL Linux kernel and a complete cross development tool chain. (more…)

Motorola unveils its ‘fastest ever CPCI board’, including HA Linux

August 29, 2002

Tempe, AZ — (press release excerpt) — Motorola Computer Group today launched the 5385 CompactPCI controller blade, designed to deliver the extreme levels of performance and bandwidth demanded by many of today's telecom, industrial control and medical imaging applications. Featuring a 1.2 GHz Mobile Intel Pentium III-M processor, the 5385 is Motorola's fastest ever CompactPCI board. (more…)

Applied Data Systems spins XScale-based version of Bitsy

August 29, 2002

Columbia, MD — (press release excerpt) — Applied Data Systems (ADS) has announced the Bitsy X, a compact (3 x 5 in.) full-featured single board computer (SBC) based a 400 MHz Intel PXA250 system-on-chip XScale processor with an SA-1111 companion chip. The Bitsy-X is designed for PDA/handheld, instrumentation, medical monitoring, and other battery-powered embedded applications. (more…)

‘First 1-chip USB OTG controller’ boasts Embedded Linux

August 28, 2002

Irvine, CA — (press release excerpt) — TransDimension Inc. and Intrinsyc Software Inc. today announced that they successfully demonstrated the TransDimension USB On-The-Go (OTG) host/peripheral controller, the OTG243, with Intrinsyc's CerfPDA development platform at the USB 2.0 Developer's Conference. (more…)

DSI releases new network storage protocol into Open Source

August 28, 2002

Singapore — (press release excerpt) — The Data Storage Institute (DSI) today released the HyperSCSI protocol and reference implementation code into open source. HyperSCSI is a new storage protocol designed for the transfer of SCSI data and commands over networks. The current protocol release runs on Ethernet-based networks. (more…)

Proposal suggests revision of GNU General Public License

August 27, 2002

Matthew R. Harris, CEO of Embedix, Inc. (Lineo), has written a suggested revision of the GNU General Public License. Note that it is not an official version of the GNU General Public License, and is published at this time for informational purposes only. Harris, a stong proponent of the GPL, believes that in its current form it is difficult to understand and contains a number of ambiguities. (more…)

uClibc version 0.9.15 is released

August 27, 2002

CodePoet Consulting is pleased to announce the immediate availability of uClibc 0.9.15. This release fixes a number of problems that have turned up since the last release. The good news is that uClibc now passes all tests in the perl 5.8 and Python 2.2.1 test suites, both with and without pthreads. (more…)

Mozilla 1.1 now available for download

August 27, 2002

From . . .

Mozilla 1.1 has been released. Changes in this version include improvement to application and layout performance, stability, web site compatibility and more. For Linux users, the new version introduces 'fullscreen mode' along with improved filtering and a new directory button. (more…)

Linux, the GPL, and a new model for software innovation

August 27, 2002

In this 47-page whitepaper, Matt Asay (“former Linux naysayer-turned-disciple”) analyzes the GNU General Public License (GPL), picking apart what it means (and does not mean) for users, and whether it is enforceable. Asay also details how its terms inhibit and foster innovation, and why we should care. (more…)

eCos version 2 now licensed under GPL [SDTimes]

August 27, 2002

SD Times editor Alan Zeichick examines the current state of Red Hat's eCos operating system now that Red Hat has backed away from promoting it, and discusses the implications of eCos version 2 now being licensed under a modified version of the GPL. Zeichick writes . . . (more…)

Carrier Grade Linux: What you need to know [EETimes]

August 27, 2002

In this online EE Times article, John Mehaffey (of MontaVista Software) details the use of Linux in telecom equipment designs. Mehaffey examines Open Source Development Lab's (OSDL) efforts to set standards to bring Linux into compliance for 'Carrier Grade' applications . . . (more…)

Article: Linux, the GPL, and a new model for software innovation

August 27, 2002


Increasingly, software is going 'open source,' with increasingly good results. Linux, the most visible of open-source software, is rapidly gaining ground in both embedded and server software markets, and even begins to make inroads on the desktop. (more…)

College students: Help improve Linux, win a ThinkPad [NewsForge]

August 26, 2002

NewsForge editor Robin “Roblimo” Miller reports that the second IBM Linux Scholar Challenge is accepting registrations through October 31. Complete contest rules are available here (pdf file) . (more…)

Getting Started with Java on Linux [Linux Journal]

August 26, 2002

Writing at Linux Journal, Daniel Solin provides an informative tutorial focused on installing and testing JDK and Resin to set up a Java application server. Solin writes . . . (more…)