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Archive for February, 2002

Tiny PrPMC Pentium III computer module runs Linux

February 28, 2002

San Francisco; Intel Developer Forum — (press release excerpt) — RadiSys Corp. unveiled the industry's first “processor PMC” (PrPMC) CPU module based on Intel's 800 MHz Low Voltage Pentium III processor with 512K cache. Designated the EPC-6315, the highly compact (2.9 x 6.0 in.) computer module is targeted at high density, high performance applications like protocol stack processing, controllers for… (more…)

What’s new in GNU Bayonne (Feb. 28, 2002)

February 28, 2002

Project leader David Sugar issued the following status report on the GNU Bayonne Project . . . (more…)

Vote in VDC’s online survey of embedded computer boards

February 28, 2002

Venture Development Corporation (VDC) would like members of's online community to participate in a new online survey of embedded computer boards. Here's the scoop . . . (more…)

Embedded Linux Graphics Quick Reference Guide

February 28, 2002

When you install Linux on a desktop PC, you normally choose from among a few “standard” graphics support components. You'll likely use the X Window system (XFree86 or ) as the display interface foundation (with associated Linux drivers to control the hardware), (more…)

Packaging software with RPM, Part 3 [developerWorks]

February 27, 2002

This article at IBM's developerWorks website is Part 3 of a series by IBM Software Engineer, Dan Poirier. In this installment, Dan explains how to run scripts when your package is installed or uninstalled, or when other packages are installed or uninstalled. The previous articles in the series explained how to package the software you develop in the popular RPM software distribution format, and provided… (more…)

Intel launches XScale-based network processor family

February 27, 2002

San Francisco; Intel Developer Forum (IDF) — (press release excerpt) — at the IDF this week, Intel unveiled a family of network processors and a processor for networked storage application based on the advanced Intel XScale technology. (more…)

CodeWeavers announces CrossOver Plugin Version 1.1

February 27, 2002

St. Paul, MN — (press release excerpt) — CodeWeavers, Inc. today unveiled CrossOver Plugin Version 1.1, the newest version of the company's leading Windows-to-Linux adapter for Windows browser plugins and email viewers. Among its many improvements, CrossOver Plugin 1.1 provides new support for multi-user environments, enabling quick and easy rollout to literally thousands of desktops without… (more…)

Interview With Rik van Riel

February 26, 2002

KernelTrap has posted an interview with Rik Van Riel, who is well recognized within the Linux kernel hacker community for his rmap VM efforts. He is also the founder of, a website dedicated to helping people learn about the Linux kernel. (more…)

Intel’s XScale-based I/O processor garners NetBSD support

February 26, 2002

San Francisco; Intel Developer Forum — (press release excerpt) — Wasabi Systems today announced its support for the Intel IOP321 I/O processor based on the Intel XScale core. NetBSD runs on nearly fifty distinct architectures, representing fifteen CPU families. In keeping with open source practices, the source code will be committed to the NetBSD source tree upon completion. (more…)

Intel IOP321 I/O processor gains BlueCat Linux SDK

February 26, 2002

San Francisco; Intel Developer Forum — (press release excerpt) — LynuxWorks Inc. today announced an embedded Linux development environment for Intel's XScale-based IOP321 I/O processor. LynuxWorks has preconfigured for greater performance its BlueCat 4.0 Linux and commercial grade tools for the Intel IOP321 I/O processor. (more…)

BlueCat Linux available for Intel IXP1200 Network Processor family

February 26, 2002

San Francisco; Intel Developer Forum — (press release excerpt) — LynuxWorks Inc. today announced that its latest BlueCat Linux will begin shipping for the Intel Internet Exchange Architecture (IXA) Software Developers Kit (SDK) 2.0 for the Intel IXP1200 Network Processor family. BlueCat 4.0 will upgrade the current version of BlueCat which supports the Intel IXA SDK 2.0. Introduced this past November,… (more…)

MontaVista Linux to support Intel’s new Network Processors

February 26, 2002

San Francisco; Intel Developer Forum — (press release excerpt) — MontaVista Software Inc. today announced that its flagship product, MontaVista Linux 2.1, will support the new Intel IXP2400, IXP2800, and IXP425 Network Processors. These three new Intel network processors are designed to meet requirements within the core infrastructure, the network edge, and in customer premises equipment (CPE). (more…)

Red Hat unveils tools, firmware, RTOS for Intel I/O processor

February 26, 2002

San Francisco; Intel Developer Forum — (press release excerpt) — Red Hat, Inc. today announced that it will provide a complete development suite, including tools, firmware, and real-time operating system, for the newly unveiled Intel IOP321 I/O processor based on the Intel XScale technology. (more…)

3GSM Congress: Hot MontaVista [Electronic News]

February 25, 2002

Gale Morrison of Electronic News reports from 3GSM Congress in Cannes, France . . .

“The buzz couldn't be hotter or come on any quicker regarding privately-held embedded Linux player MontaVista Inc. of Sunnyvale, Calif. Networking IC suppliers and the OEMs they covet are falling over themselves to partner with MontaVista, and the cell phone makers gave the company plug after plug at this… (more…) releases free 32-bit PCI bridge soft core

February 25, 2002

An announcement from . . . has announced the immediate availability of the open-source, free, complete 33/66MHz 32-bit PCI Bridge Soft Core solution. The PCI Bridge Soft Core is a complete, synthesizable RTL (Verilog) code that provides bridging between the PCI and a WISHBONE (System-on-Chip) bus. (more…)

iTV application development contest offers $34,000 in prizes

February 25, 2002

Ottawa, Canada — (press release excerpt) — Espial today announced the Smart Device Developer Contest, an initiative to encourage the development of Java-based applications for the fast growing interactive television (iTV) market. The contest ends July 31, 2002 and will award a total prize pool of $34,000. (more…)

Linux-based gateway software supports Intel DSL reference design

February 25, 2002

San Francisco; Intel Developer Forum — (press release excerpt) — Jungo Software Technologies, Inc. today announced availability of its OpenRG software to speed development of integrated access devices (IAD), bridges, routers, and residential and small-office gateways based on Intel's IXP225 DSL Reference Platform. (more…)

New set-top media platform supports DVR, VOD, IP-TV

February 25, 2002

Milpitas, CA — (press release excerpt) — EnReach Technology, Inc. will unveil a new set-top broadband media center that enables digital video recording (DVR), video-on-demand (VOD) and television over IP (IP-TV) on a single set-top box platform. EnReach will introduce the EMC-300 media center at the Kagan Interactive TV Summit in New York this week as part of a panel discussion entitled, “ITV Demos:… (more…)

TimeSys unveils Linux/GPL support for Intel Xscale

February 25, 2002

San Francisco; Intel Developer Forum — (press release excerpt) — TimeSys Corporation today announced that its Linux-based solutions have been optimized to support the Intel Corporation's Xscale architecture. This expands TimeSys' overall footprint to include processor architectures that include x86, ARM, PowerPC, SuperH, and now Xscale. (more…)

Linux PDAs, PMPs, PNDs, and other Handhelds

February 24, 2002

This guide provides a sampling of PDAs (personal digital assistants), PMPs (portable media players), PNDs (portable navigation devices), and other handheld devices based on Linux that have been covered in LinuxDevices. (more…)