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Archive for September, 2001

$99 Palm III clone runs Linux

September 22, 2001

On Monday, September 24, Empower Technologies will begin selling a $99 PDA which is a Palm III clone from a hardware perspective, but runs Empower's Linux DA operating system instead of Palm OS. This “device profile” provides details about the device (and a photo) . . . (more…)

VR3 Does Not Meet the Agenda [Linux Magazine]

September 21, 2001

Linux Magazine has published an online review of the Agenda VR3 Linux PDA, written by Alan Zeichick. Zeichick looks at the VR3 from a PDA user's perspective, rather from that of a Linux developer. Zeichick writes . . . (more…)

Real-time and Embedded forum announces agenda

September 21, 2001

Andrew Josey of The Open Group sends us this note . . .

This is a reminder that the early bird registration for the next meeting of The Open Group's Real-time and Embedded Systems forum which meets in Amsterdam on October 24th has been extended to today. (more…)

Buyer beware [Electronic Business]

September 21, 2001

In this interesting online article from Electronic Business magazine, Bill Roberts ponders the potential risks associated with developing smart devices and embedded systems based on Embedded Linux, and attempts to provide opposing perspectives in each case. Roberts writes . . . (more…)

Device profile: FIC AquaPAD

September 21, 2001

The FIC AquaPAD is a compact, hand-held webpad intended for use in the home or in public areas. It offers the functions of Internet browsing, email, downloading MP3s, playing games, and multimedia audio/video, plus it includes a full suite of PIM apps (Calendar, Calculator, Note, Alarm Clock, Address Book, TODO List). (more…)

Article: Device profile: FIC AquaPAD

September 20, 2001

The FIC AquaPAD is a compact, hand-held webpad intended for use in the home or in public areas. It offers the functions of Internet browsing, email, downloading MP3s, playing games, and multimedia audio/video, plus it includes a full suite of PIM apps (Calendar, Calculator, Note, Alarm Clock,… (more…)

Crusoe-based tablet PC to enter mass production

September 20, 2001

According to an IDG News Service article written by Martyn Williams, Taiwan's First International Computer Inc. (FIC) is on the verge of beginning mass production of a tablet PC based on Transmeta's Crusoe microprocessor (called the AquaPAD), more than a year after first unveiling samples of the device. (more…)

New Embedded Linux solution for streaming multimedia devices

September 20, 2001

Dallas, TX and Boise, Idaho — (press release excerpt) — Texas Instruments (TI), Ingenient Technologies, and RidgeRun today announced availability of an Embedded Linux operating system for TI's imaging digital signal processor (DSP) solution that is intended to enable faster and easier development of streaming video multimedia devices. (more…)

Hands-on Embedded Linux classes to be held in San Diego

September 20, 2001

Trainingcity has announced three four-day, hands-on Embedded Linux Training classes which will be held in San Diego this fall. The classes will take place at The University of California, San Diego (UCSD), on the following dates: Oct 15 – 18; Oct 29 – Nov 2; Nov 26 – 29. (more…)

Advanced Linux filesystem implementor’s guide

September 19, 2001

With the 2.4 release of Linux come a host of new filesystem possibilities, including ReiserFS, XFS, GFS and others. Sure, these filesystems sound cool, but what exactly can they do, what are they good at and exactly how do you go about safely using them in a Linux production environment? (more…) releases ColdFire uClinux SBC under GPL

September 19, 2001 has released the complete design files for the Toast ColdFire Controller Board, under the GNU General Public License. This Toast board is based on a Motorola MCF5307 ColdFire processor, has dual onboard Ethernet NICs, and runs the uClinux version of Embedded Linux. (more…)

New reference design for set-top PVRs uses Embedded Linux

September 19, 2001

Milpitas, CA — (press release excerpt) — Stream Machine and Sigma Designs today announced a complete Personal Video Recorder (PVR) reference design. Called “Harmony”, the new reference design is intended to enable manufacturers to inexpensively add PVR functionality to their advanced set-top box products that address the rapidly-growing convergence marketplace. (more…)

GNUPro embedded toolset supports Intel XScale dev kit

September 19, 2001

Research Triangle Park, NC — (press release excerpt) — Red Hat, Inc. announced today the availability of its GNUPro embedded toolset and related services for the Intel IQ80310 Development Kit, the evaluation board for the Intel IOP310 I/O processor chipset. Embedded developers can now take advantage of the popular Red Hat GNUPro tools in conjunction with the Intel IQ80310 Evaluation Platform. (more…)

Acquisition adds text-prediction to Embedded Linux

September 19, 2001

Edmonton, Alberta — (press release excerpt) — Alta Terra Ventures Corp. today announced an agreement to purchase Univolve, a private Alberta-based software company whose major thrust is reactive keyboard and compression technology with text-prediction software that is built on a Linux platform. (more…)

Fujitsu opens up Linux-based humanoid robot

September 19, 2001

By Graeme Wearden of ZDNet UK . . .

Fujitsu is poised to release technical details on Tuesday of a humanoid robot that can walk on its own two legs. The electronics giant is releasing details of the internal architecture of the Hoap-1 to help programmers write their own code (more…)

Insignia announces JVM for PDAs and handheld devices

September 19, 2001

Fremont, CA — (press release excerpt) — Insignia Solutions announced today the introduction of Jeode PDA Edition, an implementation of the company's industry-leading Java virtual machine environment that is tailored for the limited memory resources and browsing requirements of Pocket PCs, PDAs, and related handheld devices. (more…)

Guest editorial: Enforcing the GNU GPL

September 18, 2001

Microsoft's anti-GPL offensive this summer has sparked renewed speculation about whether the GPL is “enforceable.” This particular example of “FUD” (fear, uncertainty and doubt) is always a little amusing to me. I'm the only lawyer on earth who can say this, I suppose, but it makes me wonder what everyone's wondering about: Enforcing the (more…)

FSMLabs responds to Free Software Foundation challenge

September 18, 2001

[Updated 10:50pm PDT] Both FSMLabs and the Free Software Foundation have now issued press releases announcing the full resolution of the RTLinux license dispute. Here they are . . . (more…)

Continuous-speech recognition ported to Alchemy SOC

September 17, 2001

Austin, TX — (press release excerpt) — Alchemy Semiconductor, Inc. announced an agreement with Philips Speech Processing to port Philips' VoCon continuous-speech recognizer for embedded systems to Alchemy's family of microprocessors. This integration will allow OEMs to integrate voice capabilities into products being developed with Alchemy's family of MIPS32 ISA compatible processors. (more…)

RTLinux leader: GPL violation may be a mix-up [NewsForge]

September 17, 2001

In this article at, Grant Gross reports that Victor Yodaiken, CEO of the company that makes RTLinux, believes the Free Software Foundation's accusation that his company is violating the GNU General Public License with its patent of RTLinux may be a misunderstanding. Gross writes . . . (more…)