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Archive for March, 2001

OnCore sets up shop in Europe

March 30, 2001

Half Moon Bay, CA — (press release excerpt) — OnCore Systems Corporation today announced that it has established a wholly owned subsidiary in the United Kingdom to serve as a base for European operations. The new European headquarters will be headed up by Philip Johnson, who will serve as the Director of European Operations. (more…)

Seattle Embedded Linux class includes uClinux dev kit

March 30, 2001

Lindon, UT — (press release excerpt) — Need to learn the ins and outs of using Linux for your embedded devices? Lineo Education Services is offering training that will jump start your project, providing you with hands-on learning. Included with the course is the uClinux distribution and a uCsimm developer board, so you can continue to practice and develop your skills long after the course is over. (more…)

Agenda to launch “first pure Linux PDA” in US April 3

March 30, 2001

Orange County, CA — (press release excerpt) — Agenda Computing will officially launch the world's first-ever pure Linux PDA, the Agenda VR3, at Spring Comdex in Chicago to the U.S. consumer market on April 3, 2001. (more…)

Opinion: Embed Linux, and put Microsoft on the desktop

March 29, 2001

Guy Kewney of ZDNet UK's Anchordesk reflects on all the Linux action at the recent CeBIT expo . . .

“Everybody seems to have come back from the German CeBIT exhibition going slightly Linux crazy and amazed at how upset Microsoft is about it! Embedded Windows is where Microsoft is hoping to make all its new revenue over the next decade. (more…)

Combo embedded conference now Silicon Valley’s largest

March 29, 2001

Hasbrouck Heights, NJ — (press release excerpt) — The co-location of two cutting-edge events is shaping up to be the largest embedded systems conference n Silicon Valley this year. Penton Media, Inc.'s Internet Device Builder and Annabooks' (more…)

CodeBase Database Engine now supports Embedded Linux

March 29, 2001

Edmonton, Alberta — (press release excerpt) — Sequiter Software today announced that they are offering full support for customers using the CodeBase Database Engine to develop applications for Embedded Linux systems. (more…)

Embedded Linux development in India

March 29, 2001

In this article in India's The Economic Times, R Subramanyam reviews the growing trend within India of using Linux as an embedded operating system. Subramanyam writes . . . (more…)

Free hardware design library proposed

March 28, 2001

John G. Spooner of ZDNet News reports that a cadre of hardware developers is trying to bring concepts from the open-source software world to the hardware business. Spooner writes . . . (more…)

New Mozilla-based Internet appliance operating environment

March 28, 2001

Hull, Quebec (Canada) — (press release excerpt) — OEone Corporation today announced that it is building its Operating Environment platform on Mozilla open source Internet client technology. By re-engineering the desktop using Mozilla technology, OEone offers increased functionality supporting all of the standard Internet applications. (more…)

Study finds 300% more developers choose Red Hat

March 28, 2001

Santa Cruz, CA — (press release excerpt) — A new Evans Data Corporation study of Linux Developers shows that a majority of developers selected Red Hat Linux as the most likely distribution for use with a web server or web application server. According to the Linux Developer Survey of over 300 Linux developers interviewed in January of 2001, 77.2% chose Red Hat Linux. (more…)

Update on ELC ESC “Technical Interests Meeting”

March 27, 2001

Murry Shohat, executive director of the Embedded Linux Consortium writes . . .

Dear Members and friends of the ELC — Is embedded Linux losing the positioning war to FUD? Not according to 60+ registered delegates for our Technical Interests meeting on Monday, April 9 at ESC2001. (more…)

iDragon SCX501 system-on-chip gains Embedded Linux support

March 27, 2001

Orange County, CA — (press release excerpt) — REDSonic, Inc. today announced support for Rise Technology's iDragon SCX501 system-on-chip (SOC). The new support takes the form REDSonic's real-time Linux kernel known as REDICE-Linux, along with a software… (more…)

Singing hosannas for Linux

March 27, 2001

IBM has made known its intentions to invest $1B in Linux during 2001. To gain further insight into IBM's Linux activities and plans, CNET's Charles Cooper interviews Dan Frye, co-author of IBM's first strategy papers on both Linux and open source. Cooper writes . . . (more…)

Device Profile: Galleo Linux-based “Mobile Multimedia Communicator”

March 26, 2001

Galleo Inc. announced a Linux-based “Mobile Multimedia Communicator” at the March 2001 CeBit technology expo in Hanover, Germany. Like several other recently introduced handheld computers with wireless connectivity (see references below), the device combines the functions of a PDA, Web appliance, and cellular phone. (more…)

New Linux-based “mobile multimedia communicator”

March 26, 2001

Galleo Inc. announced a new “Mobile Multimedia Communicator” at the CeBit technology expo in Hanover, Germany last week. Like several other recently introduced handheld computers with wireless connectivity, Galleo's offering combines the functions of a PDA, Web appliance, and cellular phone — all running on top of an Embedded Linux OS. (more…)

DARPA mobile project preps “soldier’s radio” [EE Times]

March 26, 2001

George Leopold of EE Times reports on the planned use of Linux as the embedded operating system within a new U.S. government “soldier's radio” . . . (more…)

Spain orders 250,000 of Intel’s Linux-based Web appliances

March 26, 2001

Reuters News reports that Intel will supply 250,000 of its Linux-based Dot.Station Web access devices to Spain's biggest bank, and that the devices will be used to offer America Online services to the bank's clients . . . (more…)

ADSL chipset maker adds Linux support

March 26, 2001

San Jose, CA — (press release excerpt) — Integrated Telecom Express Inc. (ITeX) announced Linux support for its Apollo family of ADSL chipsets, enabling high-performance, cost-effective ADSL solutions for PCI NIC cards, gateways, and ADSL-enabled embedded solutions. (more…)

New Linux-based residential gateway reference design

March 26, 2001

Sunnyvale, CA — (press release excerpt) — Jungo Software Technologies Inc. and Conexant Systems, Inc. have announced a collaboration to develop a Linux-based reference design that will provide integrated access device (IAD) and residential gateway (RG) OEMs with a seamless integrated solution for quickly developing ADSL-based broadband access devices. (more…)

Life gets serious for Linux [BBC online]

March 26, 2001

After visiting the CeBit electronics show in Hanover, Germany, BBC News Online's Ivan Noble reports that there are strong indicatinos that Linux has moved out of the bedroom and into the boardroom and is now being adopted on a wide scale from handhelds to supercomputers. Noble writes . . . (more…)